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April 5th Karma Kitchen Canceled

Posted by karmakitchendc on April 5, 2009

Please note: Karma Kitchen today is canceled due to a plumbing issue at the restaurant. 

We will be back on schedule next week and hope to see you there!


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Recap: March 15th

Posted by karmakitchendc on March 17, 2009

It feels really wonderful to have completed the first month after starting Karma Kitchen at DC on Feb 15th. It has been a totally wonderful journey so far, and it only seems to be getting sweeter as weeks go by. By the time we finish every Sunday, we are so excited that we cant wait to start another one.

Recap from March 15th:

The first guest walked in only about fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time, but quickly thereafter the day progressed at full pace with a record guest count (reaching 72 for the day). The experience of serving and interacting was all the more blissful with more people being involved.  

Here are some special moments from this Sunday:
– An envelope left on the Kindness table for a free haircut at a national salon chain 
– A guest that wrote a heartfelt poem as gratitude for the generosity and service: “And Love Says, And Love Says, I Will, I will take care of you, To everything that is Near.”
– A comment card that read: “Thank you – because of Karma Kitchen last week I gave a meal to a man- this week I hope to be able to do the same. I love this place – what great idea!”
– First Karma Kitchen table with kids, and servers excited to be able to put the kid-related tag items to use!
– Guests from New York – and Australia! requesting to bring Karma Kitchen to their hometowns
– Bustling community tables that were never empty; guests requesting to make all tables into community tables
– A woman who walked in looking for samosas to carry out, disappointed at first, but then learned about Karma Kitchen and became so excited that her and her husband plan to attend next week as a guest
– The transformation of a volunteer’s co-workers who arrived skeptical, but left with an amazing experience, vowing to make Karma Kitchen a ritual with their families – and company!

Last but not least, here’s a message from a guest: “Think globally, act locally. With peace and love”

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Recap: March 8th

Posted by karmakitchendc on March 9, 2009

70 degrees outside. New volunteers. 40 guests…..March 8th Karma Kitchen in DC!img_35791

Some special moments from this Sunday:
  • An envelope left on the Kindness Table with a note saying “please give these $5 Safeway gift cards to someone who needs them”
  • A mother and daughter who walked by the restaurant by chance, stayed for a meal, and touched all of us with their presence and appreciation.
  • An always bustling community table filled with loyal Karma Kitchen guests, new people who just walked in from the street, friends of friends, and core team volunteers. 
  • Watching the transformation of a few groups of guests who walked in having no idea what Karma Kitchen was and walked out surprised, refreshed, and full. 
We hope to see you at the next Karma Kitchen (March 15th) at the Polo India Club from 12pm to 3pm.
Email us at karmakitchendc@gmail.com with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering!

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Recap: Karma Kitchen Mar 01

Posted by karmakitchendc on March 3, 2009

With flakes of snow and wintry mix in the forecast, the morning started out cold. But it turned out to be a beautiful Sunday for Karma Kitchen DC.  The day started as enthusiastic volunteers got ready to serve and the first guest walked in perfectly on time. As the day progressed more people came in, and about 50 guests were served.

As the volunteers served and explained the spirit of Karma Kitchen to the guests, there was surprise, interest, gratitude, and even some thoughts/experiences of kindness and generosity shared amongst guests and between guests and servers… After enjoying their meals when the guests got a $0.00 check, they gave feedback about their experience with their share of pay-it-forward contributions and ideas. Many were so happy and even said they were inspired and hoped to spread the goodness through their acts of generosity as well.

Here are some notes from what guests shared after their experience:

  • This was our first time here and our experience went very well. The people were nice and the atmosphere was welcoming. I would recommend this place to ours and the concept is amazing, we need more things like this. I will pay it forward by contributions and volunteering.
  • Thank you for an immensely enjoyable meal. I will remember this experience for a long long time – and I’ve definitely been inspired to do something generous and “pay it forward”. One suggestion – I’m sure some of your local customers would love to be provided with a list of local charities, or some place to volunteer, or help out in some way. Thanx!
  • I am so glad that we stumbled pass Karma Kitchen! One suggestion for helping spread the word is to contact Compassion Over Killing and get listed at VegDC.com ! Looking forward to paying it forward…
  • This was very fun, and enlightening! Thank you for your time and effort to put together KARMA Kitchen! Best wishes. 🙂
  • It’s so nice to see you all putting smiles on the customers’ faces!
  • Thanks karma kitchen! Everything was fantastic : )
  • This is my first time here . Thank you so much for starting this great idea! I love it and am very excited to let all my friends know about the karma kitchen. The food was amazing and the volunteers were great. I look forward to coming back.
  • Thanks so much! This was my 2nd time here and I really enjoyed the food+atmosphere! The volunteers were great & this is such a wonderful idea! Good luck and I hope this experiment continues! 🙂
  • I think Karma Kitchen is a fantastic idea! It’s the first time I’ve heard of it, and I plan to participate in the future.
  • I really Enjoyed my Experience here. The Service was Very kind, thoughtfull & WARM. I Wish This Activity To Continue For A Very Long Time. I will Be Sure To Come Every Sunday & Share The Kindness & Warmth Of The People here. Thanks A LOT 🙂
  • Thank you all so much: The food was delicious! This was the perfect way for me to try Indian food for the first time. I hope to come back when I am in DC again and volunteer, so keep up the good work! Thanks again for making everyone’s day a little brighter! ♥
  • The food was excellent, all the dishes had its unique touch of spices, taste and flavour. Thank You.
  • Food was good. Look forward to being back next week!
  • Delicious meal, very beautiful idea. I would love to volunteer for future meals. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

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Recap: Karma Kitchen (Feb 15th)

Posted by karmakitchendc on February 22, 2009

On a beautiful Sunday, we served 60 guests at the first-ever Karma Kitchen in Washington DC. We would like to thank all of those who contributed to our first experiment in  generosity – our guests, our supporters, our volunteers, and those who continue to inspire us every day.

There was such love and warmth exuding from every one of the volunteers and guests throughout the day and there are

 no words to express the feeling that we all left with.  A special thanks to the folks who came from out of town to help us out with our first Karma Kitchen. 


There were so many special memories made both by the volunteers and the guests and we hope to keep creating a space for these memories each weekend at Karma Kitchen in DC!

You can view pictures of the event here. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Karma Kitchen events: February 22nd, March 1st, March 8th.

 Spread the word!

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Welcome to Karma Kitchen DC!

Posted by karmakitchendc on November 24, 2008

What is Karma Kitchen?

Karma Kitchen

Imagine a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and where the check reads $0.00 with only this footnote:

 “Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. We hope you will pay-it-forward however you wish.”

 That is the concept behind Karma Kitchen, a volunteer-driven experiment in generosity. We look forward to serving you, your friends, and your family at Karma Kitchen in Washington DC.

We hope you join us for this unique gift-economy experience!.

Join us for the first Karma Kitchen in DC

When: February 15th, 2009 from 12pm to 3pm

Where: Polo India Club (1736 Connecticut Avenue NW)

Join us on Facebook – click here!

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Serendipity of Good Karma!

Posted by karmakitchendc on November 1, 2008

we-the-peopleLife has a way of connecting us with wonderful people and causes in its own magical ways. It was one such serendipitous evening that brought together some kindred spirits under the roof of Polo India Club on the evening of November 9, 2008. The “Sootradhar’ ( the one connecting the thread) between the group was Nipun Mehta who was in Washington DC to speak at the Green Festival about Charityfocus, an experiment in the joy of giving.  As clock ticked on , strangers became acquaintances became friends and shared their own heartwarming stories of goodness in ways both big and small. Our sootradhar shared the story of Karma Kitchen – a gift-economy restaurant in Berkeley, CA and the idea of multiplying goodness with more goodness – a Karma Kitchen DC was born! The seeds were sown that very evening with the gift of a lovely meal on behalf of the Polo India Club ..a spirit that we all hope to nurture with the upcoming launch of Karma Kitchen DC!

– Neha Mishra

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