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August 16th

Posted by karmakitchendc on August 19, 2009

We served 50 guests on this hot and lovely Sunday afternoon!

Some special moments:
– A family from California who were visiting DC walked in knowing nothing about the concept and had a great time.
– The community table, as always, was a place where guests made new friends and had great conversations
– Two women walked in because they passed someone on the street outside of the restaurant who convinced them to try it out because it would give them “good karma”!
– A back room with 2 strollers and 2 very cute babies who got to enjoy the KK experience!
Comments from guests:

-Thanks for a great lunch. “Every journey begins with one step” continue doing this it’s a great idea in seed form. Find enclosed my cards, to continue in the spirit of giving I would like to share my services at your leisure.
-Very good food. Enjoyed our meal, especially the dessert. Bela was very helpful.
-(Written in Japanese) Totemo oishiikatta desu. Arigatou = it was very delicious. thank you
-Thank you for a delicious lunch! We will definitely be back!’
-Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! the service was great and the peach tart was delicious
-Thank you very much for your delicious meal and delightful service. We had a great time.
-As always, Karma Kitchen was amazing. Welcome back Aparna! It’s great to have you back in DC! Thank you Sala for the fabulous watermelon juice and peach tart. Your creativity in the kitchen always makes the meal an adventure. Thank you!
-Aparna and karma Kitchen friends, What a gift to encounter such a unique place! The food was delicious, even more, your generosity is compelling and impressive. Thank you!


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