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July 12 Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on July 17, 2009

June 28 Karma Kitchen VolunteersAfter a brief respite for the Fourth of July Holiday, Karma Kitchen was back last weekend. Another group of dedicated volunteers contributed their time, spirit and smiles, and served 55 guests!

Special moments from the past two Karma Kitchens:

  • A guest mentioned that service at karma kitchen was “better than in a regular restaurant”!
  • A group visiting for Spain dropped in and loved the Karma Kitchen concept as well as the food.
  • The volunteers were able to spend time with the chefs in the kitchen and get a few cooking tips!
  • Everyone was thrilled to see an article on Karma Kitchen in Washingtonian magazine!

Guest comments:

  • Thank you very much for a wonderful meal. It was a great experience and we look forward to paying it forward
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience, I think you are doing a generous deed. I will definitely volunteer one day!
  • It was a great way to introduce my friends to the Indian food and philosophy of karma and kindness. Also a great way to keep spirits up and think of ways to help others during our hectic lives
  • As always, you guys rock! The food was delicious; the vibe was Karmatastic; and our community table karma inducer was awesome!

If you’d like to share your positive energy with others and volunteer with Karma Kitchen, email KarmaKitchenDC (at) gmail (dot) com. We look forward to hearing from you!


One Response to “July 12 Karma Kitchen”

  1. Pamela said

    Just ate at Karma Kitchen today and it was one of the best dining experiences ever. Hope to volunteer at some point. Thanks

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