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May 17th Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on May 19, 2009

IMG_3780Thank you to all who volunteered or came as a guest to Karma Kitchen!

Special moments:

  • two women from Peru who walked in completely unfamiliar with KK and walked out with great appreciation for the concept of KK
  • an adorable baby girl who came to enjoy the Karma Kitchen experience with her parents and left with a small gift from us
  • a group “regulars” from the UCDC program who filled the backroom with laughter and appreciation

Guest Comments:

  • Thank you for the great meal! After wandering around Dupont Circle looking for a good vegetarian restaurant, my friend and I came across Karma Kitchen. We were meeting to discuss our faith, our time spend in the Army, and our successful discharges and conscientious objectors to war..
  • Thank you Karma Kitchen! I was here last weekend as a volunteer and was so excited to bring my parents visiting this weekend. The food was delicious, the volunteers were even smilier and friendlier than maybe ever before. I left last weekend with a full soul and a happy heart – thank you for continuing that feeling this weekend.
  • Many smiles and much good cheer this morning. It’s good to be home. Laughter and new faces keep us all young at heart.
  • This is nice concept and we liked it. We are glad that we are part of this circle and would like to continue it. Please keep up the good work.
  • Thank you for another peaceful Sunday. I enjoyed every bit of the food and the volunteers are very passionate. I look forward to volunteering.

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