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Recap: March 15th

Posted by karmakitchendc on March 17, 2009

It feels really wonderful to have completed the first month after starting Karma Kitchen at DC on Feb 15th. It has been a totally wonderful journey so far, and it only seems to be getting sweeter as weeks go by. By the time we finish every Sunday, we are so excited that we cant wait to start another one.

Recap from March 15th:

The first guest walked in only about fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time, but quickly thereafter the day progressed at full pace with a record guest count (reaching 72 for the day). The experience of serving and interacting was all the more blissful with more people being involved.  

Here are some special moments from this Sunday:
– An envelope left on the Kindness table for a free haircut at a national salon chain 
– A guest that wrote a heartfelt poem as gratitude for the generosity and service: “And Love Says, And Love Says, I Will, I will take care of you, To everything that is Near.”
– A comment card that read: “Thank you – because of Karma Kitchen last week I gave a meal to a man- this week I hope to be able to do the same. I love this place – what great idea!”
– First Karma Kitchen table with kids, and servers excited to be able to put the kid-related tag items to use!
– Guests from New York – and Australia! requesting to bring Karma Kitchen to their hometowns
– Bustling community tables that were never empty; guests requesting to make all tables into community tables
– A woman who walked in looking for samosas to carry out, disappointed at first, but then learned about Karma Kitchen and became so excited that her and her husband plan to attend next week as a guest
– The transformation of a volunteer’s co-workers who arrived skeptical, but left with an amazing experience, vowing to make Karma Kitchen a ritual with their families – and company!

Last but not least, here’s a message from a guest: “Think globally, act locally. With peace and love”


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