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We have moved!

Posted by karmakitchendc on February 5, 2010

Please note, we have moved to http://www.karmakitchen.org

You can use this link to sign up to volunteer at Karma Kitchen in DC.


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Karma Kitchen DC Cancelled on September 20th for KK Potluck!

Posted by karmakitchendc on September 11, 2009


Did you know that Karma Kitchen was featured on the Best Bites Blog on http://www.washingtonian.com?

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Sign up online to volunteer for Karma Kitchen!

Posted by karmakitchendc on August 24, 2009

You can now use this online form to sign up to volunteer for Karma Kitchen!

1. Click on the link above or copy and paste this link into your browser(http://www.karmakitchen.org/vol.php?op=vol_dc)

2. Make sure you are signing up for Karma Kitchen DC. Fill out your information and check off which date you are available to volunteer for KK.

3. If there is a match with our requirements that week, our volunteer coordinators will be in touch with you. Please note that filling out the form does NOT confirm your volunteer role for KK. You will receive an email from a volunteer coordinator confirming your role.

We look forward to having you volunteer with us!

Reminder: September 20th KK is cancelled because we are having a Volunteer Apprecation Potluck that day. Email karmakitchendc@gmail.com for more information!

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August 16th

Posted by karmakitchendc on August 19, 2009

We served 50 guests on this hot and lovely Sunday afternoon!

Some special moments:
– A family from California who were visiting DC walked in knowing nothing about the concept and had a great time.
– The community table, as always, was a place where guests made new friends and had great conversations
– Two women walked in because they passed someone on the street outside of the restaurant who convinced them to try it out because it would give them “good karma”!
– A back room with 2 strollers and 2 very cute babies who got to enjoy the KK experience!
Comments from guests:

-Thanks for a great lunch. “Every journey begins with one step” continue doing this it’s a great idea in seed form. Find enclosed my cards, to continue in the spirit of giving I would like to share my services at your leisure.
-Very good food. Enjoyed our meal, especially the dessert. Bela was very helpful.
-(Written in Japanese) Totemo oishiikatta desu. Arigatou = it was very delicious. thank you
-Thank you for a delicious lunch! We will definitely be back!’
-Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! the service was great and the peach tart was delicious
-Thank you very much for your delicious meal and delightful service. We had a great time.
-As always, Karma Kitchen was amazing. Welcome back Aparna! It’s great to have you back in DC! Thank you Sala for the fabulous watermelon juice and peach tart. Your creativity in the kitchen always makes the meal an adventure. Thank you!
-Aparna and karma Kitchen friends, What a gift to encounter such a unique place! The food was delicious, even more, your generosity is compelling and impressive. Thank you!

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July 12 Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on July 17, 2009

June 28 Karma Kitchen VolunteersAfter a brief respite for the Fourth of July Holiday, Karma Kitchen was back last weekend. Another group of dedicated volunteers contributed their time, spirit and smiles, and served 55 guests!

Special moments from the past two Karma Kitchens:

  • A guest mentioned that service at karma kitchen was “better than in a regular restaurant”!
  • A group visiting for Spain dropped in and loved the Karma Kitchen concept as well as the food.
  • The volunteers were able to spend time with the chefs in the kitchen and get a few cooking tips!
  • Everyone was thrilled to see an article on Karma Kitchen in Washingtonian magazine!

Guest comments:

  • Thank you very much for a wonderful meal. It was a great experience and we look forward to paying it forward
  • Thank you for a wonderful experience, I think you are doing a generous deed. I will definitely volunteer one day!
  • It was a great way to introduce my friends to the Indian food and philosophy of karma and kindness. Also a great way to keep spirits up and think of ways to help others during our hectic lives
  • As always, you guys rock! The food was delicious; the vibe was Karmatastic; and our community table karma inducer was awesome!

If you’d like to share your positive energy with others and volunteer with Karma Kitchen, email KarmaKitchenDC (at) gmail (dot) com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Posted by karmakitchendc on June 2, 2009

Karma Kitchen DC
On February 15th, Karma Kitchen DC opened its doors and started a movement and an experiment in generosity.
15 Karma Kitchen Events
80 Volunteers
700 Guests Served

June 1st, 2009 –  Karma Kitchen is an experiment in generosity that moves us all towards incorporating kindness and compassion into our lives. Run mostly by volunteers each week, our meals are cooked and served with love, and offered to the guest as a genuine gift.  To complete the full circle of giving and to sustain this experiment, we leave it to the guest to pay it forward, expressing their goodness in whatever way they wish.  One immediate option is to contribute toward the cost of serving a future guest.  In keeping this chain going, the generosity of both guests and volunteers helps to create a future that moves from transaction to trust, from self-oriented isolation to shared commitment, and from fear of scarcity to a celebration of abundance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being an important part of Karma Kitchen – as a guest, a volunteer, or a supporter. Karma Kitchen has been running for over 15 weeks, every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm at the Polo India Club(1736 Connecticut Avenue NW) and we would like to share with you some of our experiences over the past 3 months.

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May 24th Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on June 2, 2009


Some special moments from a Memorial Day Karma Kitchen where we served  almost 70 guests!

  • One volunteer brought hibiscus flowers from Egypt and we introduced a new drink. The hibiscus lemonade we made with it was a hit. The UCDC students requested that we make it again next week because its their favorite drink and next week is their last week in DC and eating at Karma Kitchen.
  • A past volunteer who brought friends with her and they all left meaningful items for the Kindness Tag box
  • Being able to serve a regular Karma Kitchen volunteer and his parents
  • Huge groups of UCDC kids who came throughout the afternoon and filled the restaurant with their high spirits
  • A few groups of people who had never heard of Karma Kitchen but were “oriented” by their servers and left with a positive feeling!

Guest Comments:

  • Karma Kitchen is the only way I like to spend my Sunday afternoons. The friends I have met here are some of my closest in DC. This is the first place I bring visitors when I come to the city.
  • Thank you for holding this great service for the community that will definitely help those who receive the generous fruits from paying it forward.
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful meal. I have never felt so much at home. Love your concept. I will devote my life helping my community.
  • First off, your food was so flavorful! Anyways, I just wanted to say that I am going to most definitely pay it forward and you guys inspire me! Keep up the good work! P.S. hibiscus lemonade = heaven

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May 17th Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on May 19, 2009

IMG_3780Thank you to all who volunteered or came as a guest to Karma Kitchen!

Special moments:

  • two women from Peru who walked in completely unfamiliar with KK and walked out with great appreciation for the concept of KK
  • an adorable baby girl who came to enjoy the Karma Kitchen experience with her parents and left with a small gift from us
  • a group “regulars” from the UCDC program who filled the backroom with laughter and appreciation

Guest Comments:

  • Thank you for the great meal! After wandering around Dupont Circle looking for a good vegetarian restaurant, my friend and I came across Karma Kitchen. We were meeting to discuss our faith, our time spend in the Army, and our successful discharges and conscientious objectors to war..
  • Thank you Karma Kitchen! I was here last weekend as a volunteer and was so excited to bring my parents visiting this weekend. The food was delicious, the volunteers were even smilier and friendlier than maybe ever before. I left last weekend with a full soul and a happy heart – thank you for continuing that feeling this weekend.
  • Many smiles and much good cheer this morning. It’s good to be home. Laughter and new faces keep us all young at heart.
  • This is nice concept and we liked it. We are glad that we are part of this circle and would like to continue it. Please keep up the good work.
  • Thank you for another peaceful Sunday. I enjoyed every bit of the food and the volunteers are very passionate. I look forward to volunteering.

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May 10th Karma Kitchen – Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted by karmakitchendc on May 15, 2009

On May 10th, we served 50 guests who came in on a beautiful Sunday to experience this experiment in generosity.
Special moments from today:
  • a woman who came wanting to volunteer on the spot but joined us at the community table instead and stayed almost the entire duration of KK
  • giving out small potted basil plants to guests and hearing their excitement for starting an herb garden or giving the plant to someone who loves gardening
  • a bustling community table with both old faces and new but always the same level of excitement and conversation
  • another large group of UCDC students who always fill KK with enthusiasm and cheerful smiles
  • glowing compliments from my family who came to celebrate Mother’s Day for my mother and my aunt
Guest Comments:

Thank you! for the experience of Karma Kitchen. Continue to spread the generosity.

Thank you, Rajan! and all of Karma Kitchen. We will be smiling for the rest of the day. (They also left us with a paper crane made out of the placemat)

You guys are great! Thanks so much for your friendly service and yummy food that always brightens my sunday.

Beth, Karma Kitchen – Thank you for the brilliant food, experience, and idea. It is true that you can taste the love and consideration. With gratitude, Charles and Robert

What a wonderful idea and experience! This was such a peaceful and relaxing afternoon that spread joy – thre was so much gratitude in the air. Also, the basil was a lovely touch! Thank you!

Our experience at Karma Kitchen was an excellent one! It was a great choice for mother’s day – we got tasty, home-made food with great service in a relaxed atmosphere. Excellent work – we hope to come back again soon! PS – good chai.

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May 3rd Karma Kitchen

Posted by karmakitchendc on May 5, 2009

On May 3rd, Karma Kitchen volunteers served over 50 guests. Even though it was raining and gloomy outside, our volunteers warmed the spirits of guests as soon as they came in.

Join us on Sunday, May 9th to celebrate Mother’s Day!

img_3710Special moments from today:
  • a past Karma Kitchen volunteer brought his parents who were in town to experience KK
  • seeing familiar faces at the Community Table and watching them greet each other in newfound friendship!
  • a serendipitous connection for one volunteer who found someone who will be traveling abroad to the same place with the same program in a few months
  • adding an extra Community Table to further the idea of connectedness!
  • a large group from the UCDC (University of California in Washington DC) program who love the idea of KK and spread the word throughout the program – they plan to come back week after week!
Guest Comments:
  • To those who came before me and those who came after. I know that you will enjoy and share your experience with those you love, do not know, new friends…
  • My friend and I are going to let other people in the University of California program know about Karma Kitchen and hopefully in a few weeks we can share this with a great deal more people. Thank you so much. This makes my week exciting waiting for the next Sunday
  • I wish I had more to give. If anything I’lll try my best to improve the life of someone else J I love the Karma Kitchen and will try to spread the word.

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